Tyrian, an Elm inspired frontend framework for Scala.js.

Provenance & Thanks

Tyrian was originally a fork of Scalm by Julien Richard-Foy.

Scalm was the Scala.js library I'd been looking for but found too late - and it's great fun! In my opinion it was simply ahead of its time, and alas the original authors and contributors had moved on to pastures new long before it was brought to my attention.

Scalm was forked and re-released under a new name and license (with the original authors blessing), partly because I wanted to take it in my own direction without corrupting the original work, and partly ...because I just wasn't sure how to pronounce Scalm! (I did ask.)

Scalm/Tyrian and Indigo (which I also look after) are kindred spirits, in that they both follow the TEA pattern (The Elm Architecture), which is the only frontend architecture pattern I'm interested in these days.

I hope to use Tyrian to complement Indigo, and so have brought it in under the same organisation.

Tyrian is Scalm with the cobwebs blown off. All it's libraries are up to date, I've started expanding the API, and it will only ever be released against Scala 3 (and beyond!).

With huge thanks to the original authors,

Dave, 5th June 2021